We were thrilled when Israel, one of our brightest stars,  was awarded a full scholarship at the prestigious New York Film Academy. Israel has been studying at the LA Campus on the back lots of Universal Studios. at the hands of Ron Howard, Al Pacino , and more.  He has worked on several films since being there and is making tremendous headway in the industry We are so proud of Israel!

SUPER KUDOS to Shane! He landed a 3 page spread in this regional magazine!

Be sure to keep an eye out for CARL in this Quentin Tarantino Blockbuster!download

The awesome Miss Melaney had worked around NWA for a couple of years . She and her  mom her discouraged when a local agency told them she wouldn’t amount to much in the industry. That was before she signed with FIA Worldwide. Melaney was enrolled in the National Development and Placement Program. Within a few months she had worked national gigs for both Blue Cross and Sonic, Within a year she signed with one of the largest Children’s Agencies in thr World who’s talent base included Shia LaBouf, Ann Hathaway and more.  Melaney quickly moved to LA and  has since walked the red carpet for Project Runway and other Top Designers,  starred in  a National Ad for Toys’R Us is and has been involved in some other amazing projects.

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