Basic Industry Development

 This program offers the perfect foundation for a strong career.  Beginners and professionals alike will benefit from these interactive group sessions. We will study acting, modeling, basic industry business, monologues, scene  studies, improv, and so much more. You are put int he Casting Director’s seat and lean to why decisions are made in the casting room. Our goal is to not only give you a sincere introduction into the industry but to  have you to a point where you can successfully execute a go-see or audition.   We are a hand-on company actively involved in the heart of the business.   As opportunities arise you will be on set , meet with producers, professional photog, and other industry professionals.


Meet 1-2 time a week for your personal training to with a nationally awarded acting and development coach. Kim shares the expertise of her 30+ years experience  plus  the up- to-date edge you only get from actively  working hand in hand with top industry leaders and star makers. 

Aside form your weekly sessions, you will also have internet access of open communication, advice , and support throughout the week.


Years before our area began its current state of growth, we  realized we had wonderful talent with no real outlet for their skills. That is when we began networking and reaching out to major markets for opportunities.

Today, we work with dozens of National Agents who scout and mentor our talent for their booking boards. Many of the FIA success stories you see in our postings are from the  National Placement and Development Program.

By holding our talent to National Standards, we can not only help to ensure the success of the individual, but can provide TOP QUALITY TALENT to our clients in our local and regional markets

Talent must be approved for acceptance into this program. Make an appointment TODAY to see if you qualify!

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