FIA Worldwide Entertainment Agency is a Nationally Awarded Program located in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Our mission is to network, support, and facilitate exceptional industry resources and professionals in both local and national markets.  

Our goal is to bring to fruition the vision of our client by offering major market competivite resources, talent, and more to ensure success on national platform.

 We have cast, crewed, & assisted filmmakers in hundreds of local and national productions, and have assisted in placing thousands of actors in film and video productions.

 We have promoted, staffed, and produced events for top industry professionals such as Boston, Foreigner, Tim McGraw, & Jack Ingram.

Our outstanding talent & alumni have been in blockbuster and award winning films with the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Shailene Woodley, Matthew McConaughey, & Tom Hiddleston.

 FIA (“fee-ah”) talent has also been represented in national commercials such as Dove, Clairol, and Blue Cross and on network television in popular television shows including The Walking Dead, Nashville, Astronaut Wive’s Club, and House.

FIA models have worked with Kanye West, Jay Z,  and with the Home Shopping Network, and have also been featured in regional and national publications.  They have walked national runways, walked the top fashion weeks, & shot internationally with top designers including several Project Runway Stars. 

 Services include Casting, Crew & Support Services, Location Scouting, Make Up Artist Team & Apprenticeship Program, Talent Development & Educational Workshops, Portfolio Development, Headshots, Talent Representation & Management, Imaging/Branding Services, Actor Web and Reel Development, & Vocal Training.

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