At FIA WORLDWIDE Entertainment Agency (FWW) we see each talent as an individual. Everyone is at a different place in their journey. Therefore, everyone has different needs. There is no universal path for success. Regardless of your needs, we offer opportunity for your growth.

 Many people wanting to break in to the industry or wanting to progress further in their career are under the misconception the first thing they need to do is find an agent.  Actually, most agents won’t “put their name ” on someone who is green or doesn’t yet represent their company’s brand well.  Agents work hard to establish relationships with our clients and only want to send them trained, seasoned talent.  Or, perhaps you as the talent are not ready to jump into the commitment of an agency or at a point where you want some hand-holding or mentoring in this crazy industry. A better choice for you could be talent management rather than agency representation only. 

 As your management company,   our primary relationship is with our talent. Ultimately, we work with you as a whole, developing you into a more marketable brand. We also perform the duties of an agent and may become your “agent/manager”.  We do help you book jobs; but not just any job. We may be more selective in the work you do as we are building a brand to market you on a higher level always keeping an eye on the end game. We have booked hundreds of gigs in NWA and have put literally thousands in front of the camera, on the runway, and more. However, we want to help you learn how to book gigs for yourself as well! 


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