Acting should be just like all other things that children can desire to do and have fun with. Acting should be seen as a strong foundation to a lot of opportunities in their lives, just the way playing sports are a great foundation for their longer-term health.   Acting training skills do not just lead to strong acting for acting auditions. It leads to a number of other highly desired skills.

Below is just the short list of things child actors gain:

All around Confidence
Looking people in the eye when they talk to them
How to listen actively
How to enter a room with poise and presence
Deeper Respect for their peers and elders
Ability to Interview well
Improvisation, Thinking on their feet
Communicating with their peers
Getting in touch with how they are feeling
Stronger Reading Skills
Speech – Articulation and Enunciation
Focus and Concentration

Benefits of acting training for kids – training for acting is so much more than training to be a child actor. The skills carry on for a lifetime.

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